TTI TriMetrix® EQ examines the behaviors individuals bring to the job, the motivators that drive them, and an under- standing of their own emotional intelligence. This report blends all three sciences together in an integrated section that will illustrate the impact Emotional Intelligence has on core behavioral styles as well as the top two motivators. These reports consist of three sciences: behaviors, motivators, and EQ.

MHS EQ-i 2.0 Assessment

DeBono’s Six Thinking Hats: Tools to Collaborate, Communicate and Interact

Cut meeting times in half and increase team interaction using a non-adversarial facilitation technique. Participants learn how to set a focus, sequence thinking prompts and collaborate to find solutions.  Facilitation services and trainer certification options available.


  • Reduce adversarial thinking by increasing collaborative thinking

  • Consider Benefits

  • Consider Risks

  • Consider Intuition

  • Consider Facts

  • Consider Alternatives

  • Consider Next Steps

  • Organize the output of a session to move forward together

Debono’s Six Value Medals: Tools to Assess, Prioritize and Evaluate

Conduct value scans to define strategic imperatives and communicate priorities. Participants learn to differentiate the significance of strategic initiatives and measure their impacts. Facilitation services available.

  • Conduct a Value Scan to aid decision making and find ways to add value to products and services

  • Define, Identify and quantify People values

  • Define, Identify and quantify Quality values

  • Define, Identify and quantify Finance values

  • Define, Identify and quantify Perception values

  • Define, Identify and quantify Community values

  • Define, Identify and quantify Innovation values


Power of Perception: Tools to Assess, Decide and Plan


Apply a rigorous framework for sound decision making and problem solving.  Participants will use 10 perception shifting prompts to consider when charting a course of action.  Facilitation services and trainer certification options available.

  • Establish Aims, Goals and Objectives

  • Identify First Important Priorities

  • Weigh the Key Values Involved

  • List Pluses, Minuses and Interestings

  • Scan the environment to Consider All Factors

  • Recognize, Analyze and Define data

  • Consider Other Persons points of View

  • Generate Alternatives, Possibilities and Choices

  • Determine Consequences for multiple Sequels

  • Finalize Decisions, Outcomes, Conclusions and Courses of Action

Lateral Thinking: Tools to Ideate, Innovate and Create


Supercharge creative efforts to craft unique solutions beyond traditional brainstorming.  Participants learn to generate alternatives using lateral thinking techniques and then assess and improve those ideas.  Facilitation services and trainer certification options available.​

  • Set an Area or Purpose Focus

  • Generate Alternatives using Random Entry

  • Extract Concepts

  • Use Provocation and Movement techniques

  • Challenge existing mental patterns and physical items

  • Build a Concept Fan

  • Harvest Ideas

  • Treat ideas for rapid utilization

Simplicity: Tools to Design, Re-engineer and Customize 


Define user needs and reduce complexity by applying a rigorous streamlining process.  Participants learn to assess user experience and optimize efficiency and effectiveness though simplification. ​

  • Identify the Value Package of an item, process or course of action

  • Identify the stakeholders, shareholders, brokers and fixers

  • Simplify by Redesign

  • Simplify by Restructure

  • Simplify by Historical Review and Reassessment

  • Facilitate a VICTERI team to reduce complexity and add simplicity values

Focus on Facilitation:  Tools to Facilitate and Consult using dBTS toolsets

More workshop details coming soon!