The latest generation of results-driven employment testing.

By assessing employee personalities, skills, and aptitudes, you can more accurately hire, move, and promote your people. It’s simple. When the right employees are in the right place, your entire team functions at its best. This means increased workplace satisfaction for your employees and increased profitability for your company.

We call it working smart. And trust us, it pays to work smart. In fact, we’ll measure your company’s profitability before and after to make sure you see the direct impact of employment testing on your bottom line. 

Our tests can help you answer questions such as:

  • Where are my employees working most inefficiently?

  • What motivates my employees?

  • Where do our strengths and weaknesses lie as a team?

  • How do my employees view themselves and the world?

  • Can I better assess and predict how employees will respond to challenges?

  • How do my employees prefer to communicate?

Types of Assessments

  • Employee Engagement

  • Intrinsic Motivators + Derailers

  • 360* Feedback

  • DISC Assessment

  • Leadership & Managerial Abilities Assessment

  • Entrepreneurship Assessment

  • Pre-employment Assessment

  • Cognitive Abilities Assessment

  • Sales Aptitude Assessment​


We offer a range of leading employee assessment tools validated by experts in the fields of industrial psychology and psychometrics that help you ensure your people are in the right place to perform at their best.