22 Simple Daily Habits That Separate High Achievers From Everyone Else

We can really thrive when we work to understand how our environment impacts our habits and derailers. We'd like to think we make decisions rationally, but research shows that more often than not, we don't. Making micro-decisions about your environment can set you up for success.  Over the years, I've found these changes can be hard to make at first, but they're worth the pay off. Let's say you need time for strategy work and deep thinking. Log off email or Slack, silence your phone, and put it in the other room. Or if you know you have a tendency toward perfectionism, create deadlines so you're accountable for turning in 60 percent of the work, then 80 percent, and so on.  Ultimately, we choose to be our own best friend or our own worst enemy.

Find the full list here: https://www.inc.com/christina-desmarais/22-simple-daily-habits-that-separate-high-achievers-from-everyone-else.html

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