Improving workplace safety through a motivational approach.

Workplace safety begins with knowing your employees inside and out.

Many corporate safety programs focus on fixing the environment at the expense of understanding the individual employees who make up that environment. Organizations may engage in generalized training programs or efforts to improve workplace conditions, but neglect a major source of workplace safety problems.

At Aperio, we go deeper. Academic research suggests that workplace safety is significantly related to particular patterns of employee motivation and behavior. For example, employees who operate with intrinsic motivation and take ownership of their performance consistently demonstrate higher levels of workplace safety. Accordingly, a comprehensive corporate safety program should seek to identify “un-safe” employee behavioral approaches and motivations and implement customized training programs to reinforce “safe” ones.

To uncover these motivational and behavioral habits, we rely on psychometric testing using a tool called the Quality of Motivation (QM) assessment. The QM assessment reveals how and why an employee approaches his or her work and allows us to isolate those patterns that represent a risk to workplace safety.

Findings from QM assessments lay the foundation for an organization to launch a customized employee improvement program to resolve “at-risk” patterns and reinforce “safe” habits. Successfully implementing these programs can lead to fewer workplace accidents, improved perceptions of safety culture, decreased levels of conflict, and higher employee retention, efficiency, and productivity.

Our behavioral approach, which places emphasis on the whole individual, serves as a necessary compliment to broad-stroke, environmental safety efforts. The result is a more engaged workforce and a safer workplace.

Our Process

Step 1: Employee Assessments & Planning

Identify safe and unsafe motivations and behavioral patterns through employee diagnostic assessments

We begin with a QM assessment administered to target employees and/or teams within your organization. Each QM assessment is divided into four sections that evaluate an employee’s behavior, motivations, and ability levels. Key factors that could uniquely contribute to a safer environment within your organization are identified and evaluated. Results from your employees’ QM assessments directly inform our employee training strategy.


Step 2: Customized Workshops & Training

Improve employee motivation and behaviors through custom workshops

To ignite measurable improvement, we then conduct an intensive, focused series of customized workshops to target at-risk behaviors, improve motivational approaches, and strengthen your safety culture. Our tailored sessions cultivate collaboration and teamwork, inspire peak performance, and ultimately improve your safety culture to become more adaptable to the changing environment.


Step 3: Measurement & Sustainability

Reinforce positive motivations, measure impact on safety outcomes, and ensure long-term program success

Aperio engineers will monitor the progress of individuals and teams according to target metrics and outcomes. Individual goals will continue to be tailored to achieve the most productive motivations, behaviors, and skill sets to impact organization-wide safety. Our program provides measurable improvement in the following areas:

  • Decreased accidents

  • Positive impact on the safety culture of your organization

  • Increased cooperation

  • Reduced complaints

  • Higher levels of trust

  • Better interpersonal relationships